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Social Media Unit

We are the Eastern Mediterranean University Social Media Unit. Social Media Unit is aimed at keeping Student Candidates, Students, Alumni, Academic Staff and Anyone who feels like a part of EMU connected through means of Social Networking Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

By using such media, SMU can keep its users up to date with all current University news and actively respond to any questions that they may have. SMU consists of 3 Student Assistants, 1 Research Assistant and 3 Consulting Instructors. The aim of SMU is to represent EMU in the best possible way thought Social Networking Platforms.


To connect people who feel like EMU is a part of their family by means of Social Networking Platforms and to represent EMU in the best possible way.


To provide a better quality of service and to raise EMU’s online presence.


Social Media Unit,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey


+90 392 630 2537