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Physical Properties of Materials (PHYS182)

Pressure, Temperature and Heat. Density and Specific Volume. Thermal Properties, Heat Capacity, Lalent Heat, Thermal Expansion. Transport Properties, Diffusion, Thermal Conductivity, Electrical Conductivity. Electrical Properties, Thermal emfs and Electrolysis. Mechanical Properties, Modulii of Elasticity, Viscosity and Surface Tension. Optical properties, Refraction and Reflection. The Ideal Gas Law. Atomistic Model, partial description without atomic structure. Atomic Structure, Charge, Coulombs Law, Electric Fields and Polentials. Bonding, Liquids and Solids. Metals and Insulators. Semiconductors, Intrinsic, Hall Effect, Holes, n and p semiconductors, Junction Diodes, BJ Transistors.

Credit: 3

Lecture Hour (hrs/week): 3

Lab (hrs/week): 0

Tutorial (hrs/week): 0

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