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Histology and Embryology - I (MDCN109)

Cell and cell division, epithelial tissue and epithelial gland, connective tissue, adipose and cartilage tissues, bone and osteogenesis, blood, hematopoiesis, muscle tissue, nerve tissue, oogenesis & female reproductive system, spermatogenesis & male reproductive system, general embryology 1: embryonic development from the 1. To 3. Week development, general embryology 2: embryonic development, from the 4 week until birth, general embryology 3: extraembryonic membranes and congenital malformation, circulatory system, respiratory system, immune system and lymphoid organs, special embryology ı: head and neck development, special embryology ıı: tooth development, upper digestive system ı: the oral cavity and esophagus, upper digestive system ıı: tooth, lower digestive system: stomach, small and large intestine, glands associated with the digestive tract ı: salivary glands, glands associated with the digestive tract ıı: liver, pancreas, endocrine system, urinary system, skin, sensory organs.

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