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Beginning in the spring of 2002, I will follow the discipline of reproducible research. From this date, whenever I include complex computer generated figures and numbers in my papers, I will also make the relevant software code publicly available. With the code I make available anyone should be able to duplicate all figures and tables in my papers.  


The case for ''reproducible research'' is outlined eloquently in Buckheit and Donoho [1995], who describe the discipline as follows:

''When we publish articles containing figures which were generated by computer, we also publish the complete software environment which generates the figures.''

This will


make the research more credible,


make the research more accurate, since other researchers will most likely discover any errors I made in the computations,


save time and money for other researchers, and


probably help young researchers.


Currently, most code I wrote runs under commercially available software, including GAUSS, MATLAB, RATS, and S-Plus. Although most universities has all or some of these available, there will be users that do not have access to all of these software. However, from now on I will wrote all code in freely available software R and Ox.


J. Buckheit and D. L. Donoho [1995]. Wavelab and reproducible research, in Wavelets and Statistics, A. Antoniadis, ed., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, New York.

Available Reproducible Papers

bulletPersistence in Inflation: Long Memory, Aggregation, or Level Shifts? (prepared for  METU Conference in Economics VI, Ankara, September 2002)
bulletA Comparative Analysis of Production Growth, Catch-Up and Convergence in Transition Economies (with Ertuğrul Deliktaş), (prepared for  METU Conference in Economics VI, Ankara, September 2002)
bullet Long Memory and Structural Breaks in Turkish Inflation Rates (prepared for National Econometrics and Statistics Symposium VI, Ankara, May 2003)

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