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EMU is Continously Rising in the World University Rankings.

Eastern Mediterranean University, the only state University in Northern Cyprus, has outpaced many universities in 2010 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.   

EMU, which was the 1730th according to 2009 World Universities end of year rankings, has been placed to the 1704th rank among 20,000 universities in Webometrics Ranking of World Universities during the first 6 month period of 2010.   

According to the rankings, EMU is the 14th University among over 170 state and trust universities and the 3rd university among the private trust universities in Turkey. 

After the completion of research on about 20,000 universties by Centro de Informacion Documentacion (CINDOC) which is located in Spain, EMU has been ranked among the first 2000 universities and taken its place as the 1704th university. 

It is also worth to mention that in the rankings Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and TRNC flag were placed next to Eastern Mediterranean University’s name. When the other TRNC universities’ world rankings are analysed, EMU is still the top ranking university in TRNC whereas other TRNC universities have been ranked as the 4615th and 8030th universities.   

EMU Rector’s office put forth that they are proud of EMU as the University appeared in the world rankings with the country name (TRNC) and its flag.  

Webometrics bases its evaluations on Berlin Principles on Ranking of Higher Education Institutions

which consider universities’ Internet site volume, visibility and impact, the academic performance of the institution such as published articles, conferences, number of theses, reports and monographs, support materials such as course materials, databases, digital library, personnel pages, and workshops and general information about the universities.

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